20 February 2010

True love, hard to find

Risking too much, it would seem

All or nothing, of a kind

Victorious and strong, with a scream

Into the pool we plunge, heart, soul and mind

So young, yet wise, loving team


Poetic Bits

20 February 2010

This posting is all little poems, or bits of poems. I will update this post, or make a new one, when there are more, as I know there are in the depths of my quarters. At one point or another I will probably combine some of these, if they work well together.

1 – Let the music of life flow from your fingers, onto paper to share with others. Help them to see the good and cope with the bad.

2 – Do I get my precious time in heaven tonight

After my long day in hell

Lift up my heart, it’s so tired

It seem only you can tell

3 – You are my distraction

In this crazy world

You are my sanity

When my mind’s all a-whirl

To you we’re called music

To me we’re called love

4 – This mask I wear is all that anyone will see today

This shield I construct is  all anyone will feel tomorrow

5 – The sound of the telephone

Greets me

As I open up the door

I scream as it disconnects

My groceries fall to the floor

6 – I lament my luck to some

To others I always become

Joyous and extraordinary

With no such bad burden to carry

Haiku 1

A large calm river

While flowing over the rocks

Carries me along

Haiku 2

Life’s flowing stream

Draws me into two paths

Which one shall I take?


20 February 2010

Little monsters on the screen

Intelligently study me

Zooming through the forest and tree

A friend I love to see


20 February 2010

Golden touches

Tender touches

Little touches



Touches me

What I Give

20 February 2010

I shall give you my best

While I keep my worst

You recieve the love and blessings

I harbor the hate and the curse

The sorrows and dangers

In secret I keep and

Hesitate to speak to you

They drum in my head like a band

You take the good

I’ll take the bad

Don’t worry about me

O’ please don’t be sad

I keep the pain and anger and the fear too

If only to be strong and try to protect you

Weakness I won’t show

No, nobody will know

My unhappiness or my sorrow

Because I don’t want to have to borrow

On someone else’s soul

That was never my goal

My Inspiration

19 February 2010

Brown eyes in

Shades of Autumn

Laughter, reflected

Or a mood so solemn

Not very often does he

Share this view

When he does

Words flow anew

My greatest joys

He unknowingly hears

With him I share

My greatest fears

He’s the hero

Of my dreamed-up tales

With his love the

Heroine never, never fails

Hey Babe

18 February 2010

Hey Babe

She looks away

He looks after, yearning

Wait a minute

She walks farther

He runs after, learning

Can’t we talk

He grabs her hand

She pauses now, turning

I love you

She starts to speak

He freezes inside, churning

But you don’t

She listens easily

He is crying, burning

Do you

She touches his cheek

She turns again, spurning


One last gesture

He leaves her, discerning


I wrote the first lines and then that stuck in my mind. The ending of the last sentace with the lead-to from the first two. Hope you like.


18 February 2010

This post is just a bunch of quotations I have come across that I liked. Most don’t have sources, but no one needs know that.

~Oh, when you smile at me you know exactly what you do

~The meaning of life: An STD, invariably fatal

~If there is a better solution, Find it

~I gotta roll the dice, never look back and never think twice

~This is your life and it’s ending, one minute at a time

~Was it just him, or had the whole world suddenly paired off?

~I’m not pessimistic – I’m supporting my thesis with evidence

~Will you let me fall before I get a chance to fly?

~Silently the senses, abandon their defenses, helpless to resist the notes I write, for I compose the music of the night

~The last thing they did together was ride off into the morning sunrise

~Never put a limit on what your mind can do

~Logic and reason doesn’t exist in the way to evolution. All we need is honesty and love

And that’s it for the first portion of quotes.

I Love You

18 February 2010

Song, more than poem. I wrote this one by singing, so…

Ok, that was a bit awkward

To hear that sound from my lips

But the sound that really wants to escape

Is this


I love you

Forever and ever it’s true

I love you

Always and always I do


I love you with my heart

I love you with my soul

When I’m here with you

I’m not completely in control

Broken Angel (Unfinished)

18 February 2010

This poem, about the same friend as Fallen Star and What I Give, is also an abstract poem. Not so much literally about her as about people like her.

She’s a broken angel

With a doubly broken heart

Her wings, she clipped herself

Not wanting to play the part


She’s a broken angel

She’s a fallen star

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