Fallen Star

18 February 2010

Well, since I plan not on sleeping this lovely night, I’ll post multiple pieces of work. Almost, if not all, pieces will be poetry of some sort or another. Thanks to Heather for reviewing and pointing out an error in Expression. This piece was written, initially, about a friend of mine. A later piece (Earlier written, later in the blog), What I Give, also is about her, and me as well.

Because I see who you are

You act like I’m a fallen star

Because I see what you do

You won’t let me get near to you

It’s not a bad thing to be

Understood, by him or me

And we won’t feel, for you, pity

If I get closer you will see

I’m not trying to play a game

You and I are one and the same

Undisclosing of our pain

All so others will gain


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