20 February 2010

True love, hard to find

Risking too much, it would seem

All or nothing, of a kind

Victorious and strong, with a scream

Into the pool we plunge, heart, soul and mind

So young, yet wise, loving team


2 Responses to “Soulmates”

  1. Another wonderful poem from the wonderful poet! I love the easy flow of the poem and the meaning even more. It has great imagery and the lines are unique and not over used like in many other poems.

    The only error I caught was you’re missing a comma in the last line after “So young”.

    I noticed that you used commas and no other punctuation and it seemed slightly strange to me. Usually it’s all punctuation or no punctuation. Just a thought, you might add some more punctuation of variety, it might make it easier to read, not that it’s hard to read! Lol, Either way, I LOVE this poem about LOVE!


    ~ Heather Paye

    • Morgan said

      You know me, the strange one! It fit the format I envisioned for it. Two lines each line, if that makes any sense at all. Thank you for all of your comments, Heather. ^.^

      ❤ I try not to be too, too cliche. *shrug* Look at the format of the poem again. Lol.

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