What I Give

20 February 2010

I shall give you my best

While I keep my worst

You recieve the love and blessings

I harbor the hate and the curse

The sorrows and dangers

In secret I keep and

Hesitate to speak to you

They drum in my head like a band

You take the good

I’ll take the bad

Don’t worry about me

O’ please don’t be sad

I keep the pain and anger and the fear too

If only to be strong and try to protect you

Weakness I won’t show

No, nobody will know

My unhappiness or my sorrow

Because I don’t want to have to borrow

On someone else’s soul

That was never my goal


One Response to “What I Give”

  1. I love the way this poem is so protective, it’s like refurring to yourself as a shield from harm, and I love it, I really do! I didn’t notice any errors. WRITE ON!

    ~ Heather Paye

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