Poema Para Mi Vida

31 March 2010

Quiero que

Me case con el novio del tiempo

Tengan niños que me aman

Ame mi vida siempre

Deseo esta vida

Espero que

Esté una soldada

Sea hermosa en cada ojo

Mis escrituras dén placer

Deseo esta vida

Sueño que

Recibo mi grado  siete

Esté viviendo en cincuenta años

Mi amor me quiera siempre

Deseo esta vida

Necesito que

Haga mucha música

Escriba historias y poemas

Tenga música y belleza

Deseo esta vida

Deseo esta vida

De mis sueños y esperanzas

Todo estará bien

Y seré feliz

Cuando recibe lo que deseo

Deseo esta vida



31 March 2010

Soft voices from different places

Talking spanish and poetry and dance

Writing about love and politics

Each one trying to get a chance

To go to prom with a cute boy

Cat, lion, blanket, and star

Each is one long metaphor

Sometimes a stretch, sometimes not too far

The world

28 March 2010

Can’t a mind just be turned off

Can’t a heart just be ignored

Can’t a body be always controlled

Can’t our words be understood

No one guarantees these things

No one tells you it will be okay

No one can do all this alone

No one wants to have to pay

Silver Streaks

27 March 2010

Tears roll, silver, down her pale cheeks
Sad emotions roll calmly throuh her mind
Each day adds more to this numb existence
Each new hurt is one of a different kind
Each word a sword that cuts too deep
Each action a baton that hits too hard
All these add to those silver streaks
That always shall play her as a bard
Heartbreak has infused her life
With those who care not
If they add to her pain
This isn’t what she sought
She becomes a stone
Silent and unfeeling
Each new day brings
Her new images, killing
Her softly, gently, like a
Lover would, with caress
And gentle stroke of hand
Until she clears this duress


11 March 2010

Gentle streams upon her pale cheeks

Rivers of glistening, lucid mindset

Such beauty drowned in salty waters

All derived from this world’s blindness

Such blissful ignorance has the world

Each and every caught in their own sorrow

Not seeing the hurt they cause

So invested in seeing a happy morrow

Rushing everywhere, papers and words flying

All over, not a care to be had

Others be damned in this torrent of information

And if pushed ye be, don’t get sad

It’s nothing, chin up, don’t all it in

It’s not important. just keep up with progress

Sp all hide tears and fears, even joys,

So that from the [lan they don’t digress

Seven Sins

11 March 2010

I have figured out how I am going to write the poem. Nine stanzas, or maybe seven. Not sure yet. It will flow in an order. The first moves to the second, the second to the third. A connection between them all basically. The order -> Lust, Envy, Greed, Wrath, Pride, Gluttony, Sloth. Now to just find the words. Hm…

Blood Signs

10 March 2010

Bloody bathing, this ever sight

Much as in my head I might

See you here, head beside mine

Some believe that it is a sign

Destiny, Heart, Fate, Love

All these and stars above

Sing to me of your haute couture

Every word such a pretty tortue

No More Suffering

9 March 2010

This bottle of whiskey

Could very well be a gun

As I drain its contents

Under the blackest sun

Blasting myself into an oblivion

Exquisite and forever broken

Dust lay not upon shining blades

I shall not but take and leave a token

Crimson screams at you

From floor and wall and ceiling

This is my place it delights

All the while you are feeling

That slow, sweetest surrender

Seductive in its grace and poise

It will only be an ever tender

Master as it pulls and twists

Making reality into a fantasy land

Of sweet and the utmost care

Your breath stops in this sinking sand

No more will you think, lovely victim

No more shall you bleed your tears and cries

You shant suffer more, creature of mine

You rest in peace, under blood-stained skies.


9 March 2010

A sign of purity

A feather from a dove

Snowbanks, icecicles

Blessings from above

Whispers, Tears

Unknown fears

Death, years

Clean, it appears

Until Freedom

9 March 2010

As I lay here,

My head pounding,

My mind transports,

Another drum sounding

All that I am

And will be, wiped clean

Until  that day when

Upon someone I can lean

The white of snowbanks

Fill my eyes

Nothing now, later,

Until these black skies

Are taken away

Avast, they shall not be

Until I am drifting

Into the tumultuous sea

That lashing of life

Vital and brilliant and bold

This red line, a cut of flesh

Turns into a bracelet of gold

I close my eyes, then open again

my wide eye, full of tears

Shall let them fall,

As death draws near

A subtle smile and twinkle

Harbored under shades

Shall again breath life

As released by the blades

That take this torment

This fear and obligation

And loose it to deaths bed

In a sigh, in resignation

But I shall rejoice there,

Under the blinding lights

As I am, forever more,

Free of these blights.

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