Mystic Woman

6 March 2010

Eyes of pewter, somes time dancing blue

Always dark, always watching you

Sometimes light dances in their hue

Playful, Magical, Wonderful these two

Emerald, Sage, Ice and Storm

Every color in this face is torn

Between two places, power well worn

And doubt, but they are always warm

To help, not harm any in her path

Chosen well, she wields her staff,

Fury shines, her temper’s wrath

but she won’t this day, cause a blood bath

She is a woman, given to her power

In this, the most sacred hour

Every moment, it would seem, should be dour

But she rains joy, in a sparkling shower.

She believes in the life, the day

Accepting only smiles as her pay,

A gentle smugness upon her way

Only to spell will she a word say.


2 Responses to “Mystic Woman”

  1. Love this poem! Noticed an error “weild” should be “wield”. And I think you might change “Every moments” to “Every moment”, I think it reads slightly awkward the previous way. It’s up to you though. 😉 The poem starts out quite mysterious and moves on to become better and better. WRITE ON!

    ~ Heather

  2. Angel said

    This is definitely an inner you, love it!

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