No More Suffering

9 March 2010

This bottle of whiskey

Could very well be a gun

As I drain its contents

Under the blackest sun

Blasting myself into an oblivion

Exquisite and forever broken

Dust lay not upon shining blades

I shall not but take and leave a token

Crimson screams at you

From floor and wall and ceiling

This is my place it delights

All the while you are feeling

That slow, sweetest surrender

Seductive in its grace and poise

It will only be an ever tender

Master as it pulls and twists

Making reality into a fantasy land

Of sweet and the utmost care

Your breath stops in this sinking sand

No more will you think, lovely victim

No more shall you bleed your tears and cries

You shant suffer more, creature of mine

You rest in peace, under blood-stained skies.


One Response to “No More Suffering”

  1. Angel said

    Wow, this is probably one of your best written!

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