Until Freedom

9 March 2010

As I lay here,

My head pounding,

My mind transports,

Another drum sounding

All that I am

And will be, wiped clean

Until  that day when

Upon someone I can lean

The white of snowbanks

Fill my eyes

Nothing now, later,

Until these black skies

Are taken away

Avast, they shall not be

Until I am drifting

Into the tumultuous sea

That lashing of life

Vital and brilliant and bold

This red line, a cut of flesh

Turns into a bracelet of gold

I close my eyes, then open again

my wide eye, full of tears

Shall let them fall,

As death draws near

A subtle smile and twinkle

Harbored under shades

Shall again breath life

As released by the blades

That take this torment

This fear and obligation

And loose it to deaths bed

In a sigh, in resignation

But I shall rejoice there,

Under the blinding lights

As I am, forever more,

Free of these blights.


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