Love’s Despairing Throne

23 May 2010

Come to your throne,

That place in my heart given

The place whence solace come

For you and yours alone

Just a lad am I

Dragging along behind you

Kneeling at your feet

Hoping for one look, one touch

Just one thing from you

To know that my favor isn’t misbestowed

But not a thing give you me here

Not a glance or a caress,

Not a word, not a path

I am mistaken, in my mind

For loving you is now crime

But my heart won’t these words speak

My heart just keeps loving you

Without reproach of what is right

What is true is that it is futile

But my heart sees this not

My mind might but

Too much time and too much pain

Have been given this utterance

Too much for me to walk away

Too much to be unscathed

This fire has died down

Now a freezing pain in it’s place

Now a thousand daggers in my heart

Now a knowledge

I must let go to be free of you

Even then I will be caged

In the prison that is your love

The cell that  I have woven for myself

I know that to love you is to hurt

To hurt myself.

But there is nothing I can do

Whenever I try to break this

I end up getting wound tighter.

Such is my story

So this poem started with the inspiration of one of my friends, Matt. His poetry sparked the beginning of this. It transformed as I wrote. This is unedited.


One Response to “Love’s Despairing Throne”

  1. So even though this poem transformed as you wrote it, it still basically kept to the “story”, all of the lines kept in sync with each other, and it flows well too! WRITE ON!

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