25 June 2010

Gentle yet smouldering

The seductive caress of palm upon cheek

Mind goes smoky with lust

Back pressed to arm

Soft yet coarse

The fuzz along your jaw against my face

Nuzzling against your neck

Arm around arm entwined

Thirsted yet forbidden

The screen beyond unwatched in this sultry haze

Straining to tear away

In the crook of your jaw

Soft yet tearing

The want outweighed by duty, need

We play with passion

This thin line woven


Figued I should translate this for those of you who do not speak/read spanish like I do.

I want

To marry my boyfriend at the time

To have children that love me

To always love my life

I desire this life

I hope that

I will be a soilder

I will be beautiful in all eyes

My writings give pleasure

I desire this life

I dream that

I will receive my seventh degree

I will be living in fifty years

My love will always want me

I desire this life

I need

To make lots of music

To write stories and poems

To have music and beauty

I desire this life

I desire this life

Of my dreams and hopes

Everything will be alright

And I will be happy

When I receive what I desire

I desire this life

Hidden Sorrow

19 June 2010

Even though she refuses to cry

The tears come, ubidden

Though she will never show it

The pain, it lies there, hidden

Maybe one day she won’t have to worry

Then she won’t into that dark corner scurry.


15 June 2010

Soft tiny kisses

Cheek against cheek

Such a short phone call

Trying to be mild and meek

Downward spirals

Scratches softly, deftly

Not tying to bite

Such motions made ardently

Cool fingers on hot skin

Warm breath on tiny hairs

And each motion, gestured

All to one thing only prepares



14 June 2010

I walk quietly there

My step silent upon the ground

I walk quickly there

Barely a foot placed down

I walk dreaded there

Slowly do my steps go

I walk downcast there

I they down did throw

Such a pleasant pasture here

The scene of my demise

Such a pretty green field there

Too much for me to surmise

So much hatred gathered here

All eyes upon the condemned

I shall be murdered there

And this blood flow shall be stemmed

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