Time Is Ticking

30 July 2010

The clock is ticking
What a shame
The words I’m painting
I can’t tame

Like a dead tree falling
In the rain
My hand can’t stop
Til all words are lain

How I wonder
Where the words come from
This steady beating
So like a drum

Keeping me at it
The rhythm catches
Until it’s finished
I will be in patches



30 July 2010

Somehow always know
In which way to show
Some lovely way
To find to say
Evermore I’ll be a friend
Right up to the end

An Angel

30 July 2010

A room full of people
Watched as an angel, so bright
Walked down that long aisle
In a long dress of moonlight

A demon grew by them
He tried to whisk her away
They hugged one another
As vines, poison ivy sway

Then they called out to her
“Resist him at all costs,
Don’t let him take our babe
For we couldn’t bear the loss

Friends are the shoulders on which your head lays

When you’re crying or laughing from your heart

The hand of Fate guides you, in her own ways

Friends will hold you up, supporting, doing their part

They;ll be blatantly truthful to keep you

From that pit, to keep you from falling in

Really good friends, the true ones, are few

Many are fallen angels, or akin

Not much can harm a real and true friendship

Though many have tried, they cannot

Cut through the rope that holds them from that lip

On the verge, the seas of despair, being caught

I have many friends, few of which are true

But the ones that are, I’m glad aren’t new.

Biting, Fangs, and Blueberries
All mixed into the batter
Sexiness, Heat, and Strawberries
Make nothing seem to matter

Hermanita, Thamara

29 July 2010

Here’s to you, sister of heart
Every word we speak reverberates
Resting in our very souls
Must not hesitate
All is understood
Nonsense, our lives
Introduced through a friend
Together we shall stay
Always, to the very end

Teasing and innuendo
How we do joke
Another kindred spirit
Mired in the swamp of life
Anchored by the other
Rest peacefully, my sister
All will be well

Maybe Escape

29 July 2010

Maybe it’s the worry,
Maybe it’s the fear,
Maybe it’s the pain that I am in over here,
I just want you to hold me,
To tell me it will be alright,
To push away these tears that cloud my sight,
Body and soul ache on this day
I don’t want to be this way
Can you all just see
That I’m trying to escape[,] being me?

Full of guilt I am

Unbeknownst to them

Clearly pictured on my face

Killing me, a breathless race

In time to clear my name of charge

Noting that the fine is large


Guilty am I, with this mistake made

Unwanted deed, to be repaid

In sacrifice of time spent thinking

Losing grip on obligating

That wasn’t what she wanted

You should feel that it’s needed

Free Myself With You

27 July 2010

I just drown in you

Your scent, your feel

The presence of your body

It’s just this feels real

Like maybe I don’t have to hide

Maybe I don’t have to pretend

I’d love to free myself with you

To make the pain end

The Clouds Are Silent

25 July 2010

No thunderous storm now awaits me with you

No lightning flash of anger

The sky above is such a perfect blue

Even after strange events, this is stranger

Oddity started it all

Her beauty and grace

Yes, made us feel small

Put us in our place

The mute and the one to give him a voice

She wished she had him as a beau

She let him speak, didn’t give him a choice

She wished she had him, didn’t give a clue

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