Irish Woman

25 July 2010

The green of her eyes, those beautiful, brazen, Irish eyes

Allowed me a look into her spirit, a fierce and Irish soul

The first time I saw her, an accident, in that glittering way

I was reminded of another love, an o’ so ancient goal

The one that grinds all others down, down into that huge hole

I’m waiting for the lull

The tempest that rages around us, the tempest of a fairy war

Making communication difficult, bruising our hearts to the core

Another such as us stands nearby, scared and lonely, looking to the sky bowl

The deaths around us, they disappear, even as they set the bells to toll

We wrap ourselves in the knowledge of a way, a way into the lull

Still waiting for a lull

There’s a pause in the fighting, the fighting waged

Hesitantly the peaceful ones come to be enraged

To see the destruction around them, needless blood spoil

The fighters look around them, then back to the couples

Hands shake as tears fall, mistakes regretted, stubborn pull

We have found the lull


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