Maybe Escape

29 July 2010

Maybe it’s the worry,
Maybe it’s the fear,
Maybe it’s the pain that I am in over here,
I just want you to hold me,
To tell me it will be alright,
To push away these tears that cloud my sight,
Body and soul ache on this day
I don’t want to be this way
Can you all just see
That I’m trying to escape[,] being me?


4 Responses to “Maybe Escape”

  1. Who does want to feel that way? Great poem, awesome imagery.

    ~ Heather Paye

  2. Maybe you didn’t get my message on facebook about this one 😛 Why do you want to escape being you? 🙂


    • Morgan said

      The last line could be either escape, being me or escape being me. There are various reasons behind it. At the time it was written (earlier today) I was feeling clingy and depressed and kinda unwanted. So I was writing about why I felt that way. It, with the comma, is me escaping by being me. =D

  3. Hannah Ruby said

    lol sounds like me

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