My Shoulders To Cry On [Sonnet]

29 July 2010

Friends are the shoulders on which your head lays

When you’re crying or laughing from your heart

The hand of Fate guides you, in her own ways

Friends will hold you up, supporting, doing their part

They;ll be blatantly truthful to keep you

From that pit, to keep you from falling in

Really good friends, the true ones, are few

Many are fallen angels, or akin

Not much can harm a real and true friendship

Though many have tried, they cannot

Cut through the rope that holds them from that lip

On the verge, the seas of despair, being caught

I have many friends, few of which are true

But the ones that are, I’m glad aren’t new.


One Response to “My Shoulders To Cry On [Sonnet]”

  1. Anthony T, said

    Friends 🙂 true friends fuck all that “best” and “close” business, a friend, a true friend is what matters.

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