Time Is Ticking

30 July 2010

The clock is ticking
What a shame
The words I’m painting
I can’t tame

Like a dead tree falling
In the rain
My hand can’t stop
Til all words are lain

How I wonder
Where the words come from
This steady beating
So like a drum

Keeping me at it
The rhythm catches
Until it’s finished
I will be in patches


5 Responses to “Time Is Ticking”

  1. Bambi said

    Megan, I love your poems. You write relatable and emotionally charged poems, stunningly. I enjoy reading what you write, so keep it up. I love you bunches dear.

    • Morgan said

      Thanks! Seriously though. =D I’m glad you like them. I’ll keep you posted. And, if you wanted, I’d write one for you. Pick a subject or something. Loves to you as well, A. That’s your nick til I think of a better one I can use.

  2. david said

    what is time
    something divine?
    or used in a rhyme
    to create simple lines?
    or do we give power
    over to our every hour?
    can it be forgotten
    is it something that goes rotten???

  3. Tiffany said

    I honestly like this one the most x] i dont know why but its just amaziing ❤ you writing is amazing keep it up and seriously you haaave to tell me when you update caaause its seriously that amazing x]

    • Morgan said

      That’s when you subscribe. You’ll get an email telling you whenever I post something new. =)
      Thanks for reading, Tiff. =) I’m glad you like. I’m trying to get my writing to more people.

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