Metal Knight

17 August 2010

A knight in shining armor, set afire in the flames that consume his heart, smiles his sad smile, his emotions playing over his face in the flickering shadows of the flames before his eyes. The Queen, The Ace, The Angel looks on, encouraging him with her words, hoping to set right his path, to set him upon awesomeness.
She puts her hand upon his cheek, unburned by the flames, untouched by the raging fires, and caresses it, and in doing so, his heart. “Go to do great things, rescue thy lady, save the fucking world.” She says, her mane of dark silk flowing gently back in the breeze.
His crop of red hair plays gently with the breeze as well, as upon the hill they stand. His sword gleams, ready to battle demons, ready to cut vines to make his way to his lady. His eyes take upon them a new gleam, glowing with his internal fire, drive, and persona. “I will be metal, because I am Awesome” and with that, he mounts his steed, after placing a not so gentle kiss upon the Queen’s lips. He rides off, the fires of passion for life still flickering over him.



8 August 2010

The world is meant to have freedom, all told

But we all have to have certain things we’re sold

Work a while and pay your dues in blood and sweat

Cry tears each night because your path is set

But haven’t you wondered how you can live

Outside of boundaries and all of this?

Look at the people who are truly happy

Whose cars shine and dress snappy

What’s their secret? Their success?

What lets them wear the latest dress

It’s life, it’s freedom, it’s light

They’ve gotten away from this whole blight

That’s because they found out how to really be free

So they are, And so are we


5 August 2010

I give myself up to you, after hours of your lips meeting mine it would seem. Sweet surrender while my arm lazily traces your spine, my fingers light upon the soft skin there. The cross you wear upon your neck brushes over my chest, feeling like a weight, like you. Your mouth, soft and full and ever so warm, brushes against mine again, a long kiss shared in sparkling sunlight. You turn, as I trace up your back, along your neck and jaw, over your cheek to touch your mouth. A soft sigh echoes in this empty room.

I relax even more, my shadow lingering, mingling with the melted puddle I have become, barely able to move with this, this drugged stupor your touch has placed upon me. Down my neck, my shoulder, stopping to taste, to tease. I lay my head back, neck bared to the soft but firm kisses you place in the hollow of my jaw, my throat. You run your fingers slowly over my skin, barely brushing it with the tips of your long hands. Your warmth infuses me with well-being, even as your kiss shoos away my mind.

I lower my hand, surrendering myself completely to you. A smooth spiral into pleasure, through it, is where you lead me. My breathing thickens, coming as more of a slow gasp than a breath. I whimper, wishing to feel more than you are giving. You watch me, giving me more.

[Not sure if I’ll continue this. It is as is for now]

Boyfriend Acrostic

2 August 2010

Always has the best words to say
Revels in my touch, my love
Misses me as I miss him
And kisses me, can’t get enough
Never lets me feel unfit
Doesn’t ignore me a bit
Overjoyed am I to be his

[Yeah, it’s silly and probably not well-written. =D Oh wells]

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