5 August 2010

I give myself up to you, after hours of your lips meeting mine it would seem. Sweet surrender while my arm lazily traces your spine, my fingers light upon the soft skin there. The cross you wear upon your neck brushes over my chest, feeling like a weight, like you. Your mouth, soft and full and ever so warm, brushes against mine again, a long kiss shared in sparkling sunlight. You turn, as I trace up your back, along your neck and jaw, over your cheek to touch your mouth. A soft sigh echoes in this empty room.

I relax even more, my shadow lingering, mingling with the melted puddle I have become, barely able to move with this, this drugged stupor your touch has placed upon me. Down my neck, my shoulder, stopping to taste, to tease. I lay my head back, neck bared to the soft but firm kisses you place in the hollow of my jaw, my throat. You run your fingers slowly over my skin, barely brushing it with the tips of your long hands. Your warmth infuses me with well-being, even as your kiss shoos away my mind.

I lower my hand, surrendering myself completely to you. A smooth spiral into pleasure, through it, is where you lead me. My breathing thickens, coming as more of a slow gasp than a breath. I whimper, wishing to feel more than you are giving. You watch me, giving me more.

[Not sure if I’ll continue this. It is as is for now]


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