Metal Knight

17 August 2010

A knight in shining armor, set afire in the flames that consume his heart, smiles his sad smile, his emotions playing over his face in the flickering shadows of the flames before his eyes. The Queen, The Ace, The Angel looks on, encouraging him with her words, hoping to set right his path, to set him upon awesomeness.
She puts her hand upon his cheek, unburned by the flames, untouched by the raging fires, and caresses it, and in doing so, his heart. “Go to do great things, rescue thy lady, save the fucking world.” She says, her mane of dark silk flowing gently back in the breeze.
His crop of red hair plays gently with the breeze as well, as upon the hill they stand. His sword gleams, ready to battle demons, ready to cut vines to make his way to his lady. His eyes take upon them a new gleam, glowing with his internal fire, drive, and persona. “I will be metal, because I am Awesome” and with that, he mounts his steed, after placing a not so gentle kiss upon the Queen’s lips. He rides off, the fires of passion for life still flickering over him.


3 Responses to “Metal Knight”

  1. This poem is actually awesomeness. It’s like classic, but at the same time contemporary, it’s kinda unplacable when it comes to catagories – then again, when aren’t your poems catagorizable? I didn’t see anything that should be changed. It’s really awesome and definitely caught my interest.

    • Morgan said

      Lol. Thanks again, for the comments. I wrote it for a friend, helping him erase his sad smile. =D His comment “and he smiles…because being in love with an epic writer is good for you” and “«I rocks to some Iron Maiden and thinks he just got rescued <3" =D So yeah. I think I did good. I'm glad it caught your interest. Think I should continue it?

  2. I do think you did a wonderful job…magic is the write words for the write time 🙂 And these words, last night…they made me feel like it would be okay even without my Angi. Things are awesome, Meggies..and you are a part of it ❤

    /me huggles you happily :DDDDD

    And yes…it is worthy of continuation. Take this saga where it is meant to lead – add the story as you wish it to the story as it is unfolding, and make it even more awesome 😀


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