Wolf’s Silence

4 October 2010


A wolf’s cry breaks the silence,

Sharp moonlight piercing the shadows,

Such peace inside, broken in pain

Weary of taking part in the battles

She kneels, soul shattered, beneath the tree

Her hair barely veiling her face, scars left open

Sanctuary created by nothing, just bloody pieces

Dark branches shadow the comfort glow of candles

Pawns, in a deadly game, just out of reach

The masters, pulling the strings, shimmer

Lines fading, divisions breaking, such is the game

Shadowed pawns with masters’ faces, they’ll handle this

Every move forces the images closer, the outlines more blurred

Ever more broken, the image shatters

Spilling over the ground like broken glass

Settling into the silence, into the scars, reversing mirrored puddles


2 Responses to “Wolf’s Silence”

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