Hugs, Kisses, and Words

24 October 2010

And so I wait, sometimes days at a time, to just hug you. To stand there, a few feet inside your door, the puppy going crazy on my legs, your arms wrapped around me, my head resting on your chest, my arms wrapped up in yours. The feeling, right there, is magic, I swear. I just lose myself in your arms and nothing can hurt me, nothing affects me. Just a silent, warm embrace. That’s all there is. Just you and me and the beating of your heart and rush of both our sighs. Then I turn my head and nuzzle into the warmth that is your neck, and the kiss you, your lips warm and sweet and soft against mine. Not a demand, not a question, just a small reassurance. We kiss for a few minutes, still entwined, saying nothing but what our bodies speak silently.

I can’t get this at school. It’s not the place. It’s too busy, too crowded, too impersonal for this. There isn’t time to just enjoy, when you’re at school. There isn’t the silence. There also isn’t time for the soft I love you’s as we leave, or the grins when we’re thinking the same things. Nor is there time for you to tell me I’m beautiful or sexy, or what have you. The things we talk about….there isn’t time enough to say all we need or want to say. You are pure magic, baby. Just you.




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