I Find It Amazing

24 October 2010

The effect you have on me, love. I wake up, warm and wishing I were in your arms somehow. I just lay here, the only thing on me being your necklace. I get online and get slightly annoyed because my parents couldn’t bother telling me we’d be having company. I think about the things I have to do and along with them, half of my thoughts are about you or what you’ll think. Like if I bought those two dresses, would your jaw hit the floor? But then you get online, and I haven’t talked to you in two to three days, and immediately my heart smiles and my mind goes blank but for joy and my face is lighted with happiness. And we start talking and I’m giggling and blushing from naught but two quick phrases. I find it amazing, love, what just knowing that you missed me does to me. we both had good weekend, but for missing the other. I wonder if you thought about me as much as I did you. Did you long for my arms as you were falling asleep as I did for yours, unable for a good half hour to fall asleep?

I love you, babe. Plain and simple.



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