Prove Me Wrong

10 November 2010

Baby, just prove me wrong

Prove this isn’t just another song

Tell me you love me then mean it

Cause anything else hurts a bit

This is that one song you’ve heard

You know makes your soul a bird

Just touches you so true, so deep

Memories only you can keep

Tell me like it is and only that

Laugh with me, there we sat

Just us two alone in the light

Nary a harsh word, never a fight

Maybe this is forever, maybe true

All I know is that I love you.



10 November 2010

From what I hear, I’ve stolen you say

Your body, mind, your heart, stolen away

I do believe the opposite is also true

You’ve done what’s been done by few

Made my mind just melt away

Gone again til another day

I can’t wait to get another moment with you

Just us together when each day is through

You seem to see in the darkest depths

Way down deep, inside my head

Nothing is secret from your sight

Though it’s not as if I’m trying with my might

You’ve stolen my heart, I heard it said

I almost hope it’s until we’re dead

My heart smiles, soul flying like a kite

I live to see you until the endless night

Echoing Halls

10 November 2010

These loud calls

These echoing halls

Listen without pause

Just listen, no cause

Skin off your nose

Everyone, strike a pose!

Spit-shined shoes

Detectives clues


10 November 2010

Words whip around my mind

Calling to me in hectic time

Each phrase more venom-filled

I do think that I could have killed

Should have when the chance I had

Slanted eyes show anger’s best

Now to get this off my chest

The cat, laying in hunter’s crouch

Waiting, inching, slowly coming out

Claws extended, ready to tear

Right into flesh and bone

Nothing stops me as I hone

These deadly blades I wield

You have just sealed

Your fate as I attack thee thus

A push, a shove, another thrust

Deep into you, stopping the flow

Your words are hurtful

Your actions pathetic

Do you really think they’ll pass me?

You’ve awakened the demon

You’ve woken the sadist

Just wait now

In this calm space,

Right before the tempest unleashes

And it shall rain down on you

Reign over your senses

Cause right now, right now

Right this moment

I am Venomous

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