10 November 2010

Words whip around my mind

Calling to me in hectic time

Each phrase more venom-filled

I do think that I could have killed

Should have when the chance I had

Slanted eyes show anger’s best

Now to get this off my chest

The cat, laying in hunter’s crouch

Waiting, inching, slowly coming out

Claws extended, ready to tear

Right into flesh and bone

Nothing stops me as I hone

These deadly blades I wield

You have just sealed

Your fate as I attack thee thus

A push, a shove, another thrust

Deep into you, stopping the flow

Your words are hurtful

Your actions pathetic

Do you really think they’ll pass me?

You’ve awakened the demon

You’ve woken the sadist

Just wait now

In this calm space,

Right before the tempest unleashes

And it shall rain down on you

Reign over your senses

Cause right now, right now

Right this moment

I am Venomous


One Response to “Venomous”

  1. Love it! The title suits it very, very well. I think it’s a poem that a lot of people can relate to, especially when they’re angry – I know I can. I did notice you spelt ‘wield’ wrong. You spelt it ‘weild’. And you don’t have a line to rhyme with the 5th stanza from the top.

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