Unfaithful Broken Heart

7 January 2011

Well, heart, I see you

This picture prompts the memories

Swift, hard, so I fell and loved it

That free-fall when you whispered in my ear

“He feels right, go and have him.”

I took that chance because you pulled me

And what a twisted journey it was.

He loved me, that’s so plain to see

But he didn’t love me enough to see

Exactly what he did

What his actions brought on my heart

You tore, I felt it, hated it

But couldn’t let him go yet

And so, I let it go on.

Too many times

You got torn, beat up, just crushed

And depression set it.

Life wasn’t a many-splendored thing

Beauty . . . I couldn’t see it

So, I ended the toxic thing

That which I could not handle

How many times he had hurt me

Hurt you, my heart, companion

But, I still was bound to him

Then, I hurt him once, rejected

The end brought resentment

I tried

I tried hard

To forget, to move, to not know or think

It didn’t work

I couldn’t erase him, couldn’t forget

I had to try, once, at the very least

To reset the balance we had

It was twisted

A million to one,

But the one, that hurt me more

More than any of his million

My One.

Still bound

Still there, ever close to my mind

It was a necessity, but

You can’t see that

We both know, this quasi-secret

He’ll always be on that pedestal

He’ll always carry your love

My love, too.

There’s no reason


Just maybe

The image of who he was

The dream, the one,

Who felt so right.


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