People Aren’t Worth It

15 February 2011

Trust only hurts

Never helps

Wounds forever reopened

Tears as you realize

Your fears will never stop


They’ll hurt you

Delude you

Exclude you

Break your heart

Then tear the pieces


They’re not worth it

Especially not in groups

There are very few worth it

They tend to ruin the best days

Crush your feelings

Slowly kill you

Destroy you

From the inside out

Wings fluttering and

Voice crying out

Screaming in pain

Until you’ve bled out

Bled in

Until you’re done


Betrayed Outcast

15 February 2011

Venomous, not quite

More betrayal than anything

No solutions

No choices

Just being left cold

Left out,

Just like everyone before


Isn’t that the word

You said? I heard.

I guess not

You turn your backs

I’m gonna cry

Is that what you want

Why not earlier

At the start

Instead of falsely including?

Including someone

Who’s been an outcast

I should have known

I’ll always be one


Never in a group

You don’t know

How fucking lucky you are

All of you

Thought I was, too

But I’ll never be that lucky,

Will I?

Pleasure Heaven

15 February 2011





Merrily twisting

Slowly dancing

Watch them wrap you

In soft, sweet surrender

Lights dim,

Voices soften,

Everything moves slower

Just watching the slow unfold

Fuzzy minds make weak decisions

Leaving to others the controls

Swaying and sashaying

No words may ye utter

Wrists exposed to whatever

May occur here, though it’s

Only binding in it’s pleasure

Pleasant little heaven

Private Fear

15 February 2011

I look into your eyes as

I will the tears not to fall

As I glance to you, trying

Failing to make it nothing

The same fear fills you

Tugs at your resolve

As fills me

Grabbing the floor from

Underneath my feet

My heart stutters

As we talk.

One lone tear makes

The long, slow journey.

You notice,

While I wish you hadn’t

You touch it, a sad look

A sad knowledge in your

Beautiful eyes

The eyes I constantly

Lose all sense of self within

You continue, stubborn

I try, my stubbornness

Weakened by your eyes

By your insisence

I hate myself for doubt

Hate that I can’t hide

I want to

Lord knows I crave it

But you see through

My clumsy disguise

As I weaken enough to tell you




Wanting but not knowing

Needing to believe

I can’t understand you

Though I understand


Too perfectly


We both give now,

Conceding private parts of ourselves

Too late to turn back

We talk

Acknowledge the fear

The feeling

Knowing more we move


Securely tethered once more

Later we fill our need



A final seal on a deal

Sealed with a kiss

Sealed with words

Wants and needs

Hurried, instant

Nothing matters

Nothing satisfies

We slow again, the last changes of pace




Fast Heated



Slow again for the farewell

Words whispered and steps taken

I think we’ll be alright

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