19 August 2011

MY fingers itch for the kill

My eyes burn for revenge

MY ears ring with the cries of the damned

And I can’t help but enjoy the power

The rushing and coursing of venom

My veins burning with a power yet untold

One more thing might flip the switch

Between the supression and


Give me one reason to let go

Let go of the tenuous control I hold

I’d kill surely if control wasn’t here

So give me a reason

I’m itching for it

Bounding for it

The bloodshed and the chaos

The screams and cries

Give me one reason

Or wait til I cool down

And the danger has passed


What ToDo

15 August 2011

So….when you find a guy who makes a poetess lose her words, what do you do? Write free verse to attempt to regain your lost sense of poeticism? Know that even though he has the best kind of poetry about him, you’ll never capture it in your own words, only be able to witness it happen? It’s interesting.

Midnight Pain

8 August 2011

It’s two in the morning

Ad I’m sitting here dying

Because my friend’s there crying

Over broken hearts and

Promises that won’t be kept

And those things he said

She’s given up and it’s

Breaking me

Just tearing me apart

I can’t show it

It’s not my issue except

That it is by association

Thin line across my pain

The heartbreak

Tears welling and rolling

Like the midnight rain

Pain spilling into the abyss that is my chest

Empty and spoiled like the

Innocence of those who

Have seen death

Waiting Upon Restoration

8 August 2011

Screwing up just kills

Especially seeing the result later

Your spot taken by someone

Who you can’t help but hate

But you can’t hep but hope,

Just for the other person’s sake


That’s why you broke his heart, right?

His happiness?

But you sacrificed your own,

didn’t you?

Threw it through the disposal,

Killed it slowly but surely.

You have nothing left but hope

Especially from the one last moment

The one last time that wasn’t supposed to happen.

Just imagining it is killing you

Hoping is killing you

Living is killing you

And all you can do is glance after

Like the lost kitten you are

The frail waif of a stronger being

You’ll gain strength back,

But your source is gone for now

Well, the major one.

The others, so good, are still there,

Still with you all the way.

Hope and love will keep you

Restore you

And make you close to whole once more.

Just wait.

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