Waiting Upon Restoration

8 August 2011

Screwing up just kills

Especially seeing the result later

Your spot taken by someone

Who you can’t help but hate

But you can’t hep but hope,

Just for the other person’s sake


That’s why you broke his heart, right?

His happiness?

But you sacrificed your own,

didn’t you?

Threw it through the disposal,

Killed it slowly but surely.

You have nothing left but hope

Especially from the one last moment

The one last time that wasn’t supposed to happen.

Just imagining it is killing you

Hoping is killing you

Living is killing you

And all you can do is glance after

Like the lost kitten you are

The frail waif of a stronger being

You’ll gain strength back,

But your source is gone for now

Well, the major one.

The others, so good, are still there,

Still with you all the way.

Hope and love will keep you

Restore you

And make you close to whole once more.

Just wait.


One Response to “Waiting Upon Restoration”

  1. Another great one! The stanzas have a sort of random rhythm that flow surprising well from one line to the next, and I like it. I love the comparisons to the lost kitten and the frail wolf, it gives the poem more… just more. Great work!

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