On The Pavement

10 December 2011

Screams ring out through the house

Through the night, calm but here.

Emotions race, volatile in the night

Our hearts spilled on the pavement

Open wounds put together

Slice here, I give the blade

You spew venom upon my forlorn form

It hits, aching, stinging and burning

Tears well, spill, paining me more

Now, when I need you most,

You’re a million miles away

A small stone room even I can’t penetrate

And I’m spread on pavement, my every

Every wound and fright open to you

Trust barely held in Iron grasp

I can barely look at you

Slap me away, turn from me

Just a pinch more salt to add to my tears,

I see the dawning of understanding

I’m falling, but your arms catch me

Your cushion finally,

After a million year free fall

I’m safe in your arms once more

Held secure against the storm


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