Seven Sins

10 December 2011

Seven Sins, Deadly they are

They may not get you too far

Punishments severe and swift

You leave others the burden to lift


One look, eyes smokey and wanting

A light touch, passions fortune

Lusting after her scent and feel

Craving that escape, so natural, erotic

Addicted to pleasure’s heavenly arena


Coveting their house

Coveting their spouse

Envious light in your eyes

Green with the emotion

Need grows from the wanting


Needing every last bit

No longer able to stop at just enough

Greedily acquiring everything

Reaching higher than need dictates

Assured you can have it all


All is within your grasping fingers

The world’s best laid in your reach

Prideful arrogance rising in your eyes

Nothing is denied you, your powers’ guarantee

Rejection would make your world spin


Spinning with her scorn

Power didn’t guarantee her

Wrath heats your blood

Your veins run thick with it

You can’t laze about if you truly want


Lazing in a hammock

Warm summer day easing your energy

Sloth letting you justify your lack of productivity

The world passes you by

Whirling by with an appetite for all


Appetites rising for tasty delights

Foods of every conceivable form

Gluttonous urges keeping you hungry

No meal is ever enough

Just keep the deserts coming


Too much of an emotion

Constitutes a rivalry between

Virtue and Sin, seven each

Seven sins, deadly they are


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