Unlocking The Deep

14 April 2012

As I unlock this part of me

I have to face the deepest hurts

The ones buried so far

As to not be seen

The memories that creep

The hurts that jump and tear

The scars that are still bleeding

Deep inside

Those unbidden tears

That you can’t withhold

Painful memories

Ones you haven’t yet let go of

When you hadn’t realized the true extent of the pain

Of how terrible it really was

How horrible he really was

Being reminded so suddenly



But it needs to be dealt with

So you can move on

Move in the positive direction that you know you’re going in

But this joyous part of you won’t be gone

It will aid you along

The path of healing and love

Forget the toxicity

Forget the anger

The fear

The anguish

The abuse

Remember only those around you

The ones who love you

The ones who need you

Be your strength

The blinding force you truly possess

Be you

Not the abused little one you were


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