Blood Signs

10 March 2010

Bloody bathing, this ever sight

Much as in my head I might

See you here, head beside mine

Some believe that it is a sign

Destiny, Heart, Fate, Love

All these and stars above

Sing to me of your haute couture

Every word such a pretty tortue



9 March 2010

A sign of purity

A feather from a dove

Snowbanks, icecicles

Blessings from above

Whispers, Tears

Unknown fears

Death, years

Clean, it appears

Until Freedom

9 March 2010

As I lay here,

My head pounding,

My mind transports,

Another drum sounding

All that I am

And will be, wiped clean

Until  that day when

Upon someone I can lean

The white of snowbanks

Fill my eyes

Nothing now, later,

Until these black skies

Are taken away

Avast, they shall not be

Until I am drifting

Into the tumultuous sea

That lashing of life

Vital and brilliant and bold

This red line, a cut of flesh

Turns into a bracelet of gold

I close my eyes, then open again

my wide eye, full of tears

Shall let them fall,

As death draws near

A subtle smile and twinkle

Harbored under shades

Shall again breath life

As released by the blades

That take this torment

This fear and obligation

And loose it to deaths bed

In a sigh, in resignation

But I shall rejoice there,

Under the blinding lights

As I am, forever more,

Free of these blights.

Mystic Woman

6 March 2010

Eyes of pewter, somes time dancing blue

Always dark, always watching you

Sometimes light dances in their hue

Playful, Magical, Wonderful these two

Emerald, Sage, Ice and Storm

Every color in this face is torn

Between two places, power well worn

And doubt, but they are always warm

To help, not harm any in her path

Chosen well, she wields her staff,

Fury shines, her temper’s wrath

but she won’t this day, cause a blood bath

She is a woman, given to her power

In this, the most sacred hour

Every moment, it would seem, should be dour

But she rains joy, in a sparkling shower.

She believes in the life, the day

Accepting only smiles as her pay,

A gentle smugness upon her way

Only to spell will she a word say.

I am to write a poem on the seven deadly sins for a friend of mine. I’ll write it here before I give it to him, and maybe give you lovely reader(s) a glance into my mind as I write. Blessed be.

Sins: Wrath, Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Envy, Pride. More later


20 February 2010

True love, hard to find

Risking too much, it would seem

All or nothing, of a kind

Victorious and strong, with a scream

Into the pool we plunge, heart, soul and mind

So young, yet wise, loving team

Poetic Bits

20 February 2010

This posting is all little poems, or bits of poems. I will update this post, or make a new one, when there are more, as I know there are in the depths of my quarters. At one point or another I will probably combine some of these, if they work well together.

1 – Let the music of life flow from your fingers, onto paper to share with others. Help them to see the good and cope with the bad.

2 – Do I get my precious time in heaven tonight

After my long day in hell

Lift up my heart, it’s so tired

It seem only you can tell

3 – You are my distraction

In this crazy world

You are my sanity

When my mind’s all a-whirl

To you we’re called music

To me we’re called love

4 – This mask I wear is all that anyone will see today

This shield I construct is  all anyone will feel tomorrow

5 – The sound of the telephone

Greets me

As I open up the door

I scream as it disconnects

My groceries fall to the floor

6 – I lament my luck to some

To others I always become

Joyous and extraordinary

With no such bad burden to carry

Haiku 1

A large calm river

While flowing over the rocks

Carries me along

Haiku 2

Life’s flowing stream

Draws me into two paths

Which one shall I take?


20 February 2010

Little monsters on the screen

Intelligently study me

Zooming through the forest and tree

A friend I love to see


20 February 2010

Golden touches

Tender touches

Little touches



Touches me

What I Give

20 February 2010

I shall give you my best

While I keep my worst

You recieve the love and blessings

I harbor the hate and the curse

The sorrows and dangers

In secret I keep and

Hesitate to speak to you

They drum in my head like a band

You take the good

I’ll take the bad

Don’t worry about me

O’ please don’t be sad

I keep the pain and anger and the fear too

If only to be strong and try to protect you

Weakness I won’t show

No, nobody will know

My unhappiness or my sorrow

Because I don’t want to have to borrow

On someone else’s soul

That was never my goal

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