Blood Signs

10 March 2010

Bloody bathing, this ever sight

Much as in my head I might

See you here, head beside mine

Some believe that it is a sign

Destiny, Heart, Fate, Love

All these and stars above

Sing to me of your haute couture

Every word such a pretty tortue


Poetic Bits

20 February 2010

This posting is all little poems, or bits of poems. I will update this post, or make a new one, when there are more, as I know there are in the depths of my quarters. At one point or another I will probably combine some of these, if they work well together.

1 – Let the music of life flow from your fingers, onto paper to share with others. Help them to see the good and cope with the bad.

2 – Do I get my precious time in heaven tonight

After my long day in hell

Lift up my heart, it’s so tired

It seem only you can tell

3 – You are my distraction

In this crazy world

You are my sanity

When my mind’s all a-whirl

To you we’re called music

To me we’re called love

4 – This mask I wear is all that anyone will see today

This shield I construct is  all anyone will feel tomorrow

5 – The sound of the telephone

Greets me

As I open up the door

I scream as it disconnects

My groceries fall to the floor

6 – I lament my luck to some

To others I always become

Joyous and extraordinary

With no such bad burden to carry

Haiku 1

A large calm river

While flowing over the rocks

Carries me along

Haiku 2

Life’s flowing stream

Draws me into two paths

Which one shall I take?

Broken Angel (Unfinished)

18 February 2010

This poem, about the same friend as Fallen Star and What I Give, is also an abstract poem. Not so much literally about her as about people like her.

She’s a broken angel

With a doubly broken heart

Her wings, she clipped herself

Not wanting to play the part


She’s a broken angel

She’s a fallen star

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