Behind The Mask….Sort Of

14 February 2010

So this is, of course, my introduction. I’m almost certain that you’ll want to know something of the writer behind these poems and stories and rants. These are all either from my experiences and emotions or purely fictional. The rants are always about something I’ve seen or done. Or had done to me, be it the case that day. I will try to add a new piece everyday, which shouldn’t be too hard, given I remeber to do so.

My name is Morgan Faere. You should know, being a user of the vast world wide web, that that is not my real name. It is my actual psuedonym (pen name). I will not tell you my real name, so don’t ask. I’m passionate about writing, I write, draw, or read almost every second of every day. My writing is like how I speak, usually. It’s the best feeling you can get, that flowing of words from mind to pen to paper. When they just come to you and you don’t have to think about what you are writing. The right words are just there.

My first post will either be tonight or tomorrow. Until then, may the wind be at your backs.

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